6 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In Plastic Recruitment

Did you know that, according to Statista, over 5 billion people are using social media worldwide? And the number is projected to increase to over 6 billion in 2028. 

It’s beyond a sea of memes and viral dances anymore. It’s a business wonder that’s shaking up traditional communication and marketing strategies – and it’s happening across the board. From small start-ups to established industries, including the plastics industry, nobody is immune to this shift.

However, simply “going digital” isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. There’s more to it than setting up a profile and waiting for followers to pour in. There are new platforms popping up, constantly developing algorithms, and trends that change as quickly as they come.

For the plastics industry, these challenges are far more. They need to present their innovative products, clarify industry misconceptions, and engage a diverse audience, from potential clients to jobseekers.

In addition, these trends aren’t just about product marketing and expanding brand visibility. They’re also changing how recruitment works in the plastics sector. Social media platforms are becoming an essential tool for finding top talent. 

In this blog, we’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty of social media and its growing impact on the plastic industry. Our aim is to explore the ongoing trends, discuss their impact, and most importantly, share practical strategies for taking advantage of these trends effectively for recruitment in plastic recruitment.

Why Social Media Matters for the Plastic Industry

Social media platforms, in today’s world, have appeared as powerful tools for businesses in various industries, and the plastics industry is no exception. Let’s take a look at some major areas where social media plays a main role in the plastics hiring:

  • Getting the Word Out

Social media operates as your digital loudspeaker. Have a new job opening in the plastics industry? Showcase it to a global audience on LinkedIn or Facebook. This amplification can knowingly boost your company’s visibility.

  • Chatting with Customers

The power of social media lies in its intimacy. It empowers you to engage in conversations, reply to queries, comprehend candidate needs, and even address concerns. This interaction nurtures stronger candidate relationships.

  • Keeping an Ear to the Ground

Who needs a crystal ball when social media can offer deep insights? This platform can offer a glimpse into industry trends, competitor strategies, and candidate expectations. In a nutshell, it’s a valuable resource for business intelligence.

  • Finding the Right People

Platforms like LinkedIn are brilliant for finding new talent. It goes way beyond waiting for people to apply for jobs anymore; you can go out and find the perfect fit for your team.

  • Damage Control

When things go wrong, social media can help you put out the fire. It’s a speedy way to address issues, reassure candidates, and manage your company’s reputation.

Consumers are spending around 2 hours and 25 minutes each day on social media, according to the Digital global overview report. That’s quite a bit of screen time that plastic companies could tap into, don’t you think? With a smart and strategic approach to social media, there’s no limit to what businesses in the plastic industry can achieve.

6 Social Media Trends for the Plastic Industry

  1. Video Content

Did you notice how videos are dominating your social media feeds? That’s because videos are luring more eyeballs than any other type of content. It’s easy to see why – they’re engaging, more personal, and they can present complex information in an easily digestible manner. And for the plastics recruitment, videos can serve as a window into the fascinating world of plastic manufacturing, capturing everything from intricate process details to the unveiling of innovative products.

YouTube, Instagram through IGTV and Reels, and TikTok are the major players in the video scene. Their popularity and wide reach make them ideal platforms for plastic companies to communicate their stories.

Here’s how plastic companies can tap into video content for hiring:

  • Produce brief introductory videos about your company, its team, and its unique approach. This can help potential candidates gain a better understanding of your firm and its differentiating factors. Plus, it’s an effective way to highlight the modern, innovative aspects of your recruitment methods.
  • Share video tours of the recruiting process. This can shed light on your complete recruitment strategy for your audience, giving them a peek into what happens at each stage. It’s a stellar way to foster transparency and trust with your audience, demonstrating that your process is both demanding and fair.
  • Craft educational videos explaining the nature of various roles in the plastics industry. This serves to inform candidates but also signals your commitment to aiding their career journey beyond just placement. It’s a chance to bring value and show that candidate guidance is a priority for your agency.
  1. Live Streaming

Live streaming is basically the reality TV of the digital world. It’s immediate, it’s real, and it creates a unique connection between the presenter and the viewer. The essence of live-streaming is in its real-time interaction – viewers can ask questions, provide immediate feedback, or simply send a wave emoji to show they’re there. For recruitment in the plastics industry, live-streaming offers an authentic platform to engage with candidates and showcase the industry’s pulsating rhythm in real-time.

A variety of social media platforms offer live-streaming features, from Facebook Live and Instagram Live to LinkedIn Live. They each have their own unique audience demographics, so plastic companies can choose where to go on air based on their target audience.

Here are some engaging strategies for plastic companies utilizing live-streaming:

  • Hold live Q&A sessions about different job roles or industry trends. This provides an excellent opportunity to address frequent queries, dispel misconceptions, and allow the audience to gain a more profound understanding of the agency’s values and motivations. It’s an interactive conversation that makes your audience feel recognized and appreciated
  • Stream industry-related workshops or seminars. Not everyone can attend these events physically, but live-streaming brings the event directly to them. It’s like providing an all-access pass to everyone, regardless of their location. It also helps increase the event’s reach and extend its online presence.
  • Conduct live job fairs or candidate introductions. The hope of meeting potential candidates or exploring new job opportunities need not be limited to in-person events. Live-streaming your job fair or candidate intros can generate excitement among your online audience. It also allows for immediate engagement, which can be beneficial for your recruitment strategy.
  1. User-generated Content (UGC)

Let’s talk about User-generated Content, or UGC for short. UGC is exactly what it sounds like – it’s content created by users (or in this case, your candidates or supporters) rather than the brand itself. It’s like giving the microphone to your audience and letting them do the talking. The beauty of UGC is its authenticity. Coming from real users and their experiences, it often carries more weight than brand-produced content. For plastic companies, UGC can be a powerful tool to validate their products through real-world experiences and testimonials.

Instagram is a superb platform for UGC, its visual-centric format makes it easy for candidates to share photos and videos featuring their professional experiences. Plus, the platform’s wide reach can boost your visibility.

Here’s how plastic companies can encourage and leverage UGC:

  • Initiate a hashtag campaign encouraging candidates to share their job-hunting experiences and success stories. This not only generates content but also creates a sense of community among users. It offers you insights into the candidate journey and their interactions with your company.
  • Share candidate testimonials or success stories. Nothing boosts your agency’s credibility quite like a positive testimonial from a successfully placed candidate. Remember, candidates trust the words of their peers.
  • Organize a contest or giveaway prompting followers to engage with a specific job-related theme. This strategy not only encourages UGC but also boosts engagement on your social media profiles. It’s a playful and interactive method to keep your audience engaged, and who knows, you might also stumble upon some innovative content ideas.
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Stepping into the future, we have Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. AR is a technology that covers digital information onto the real world, and it’s transforming the way we interact with digital content. It’s not limited to gaming or entertainment; brands are also jumping on the AR bandwagon to provide immersive and interactive experiences to their audiences. For the plastics industry, AR opens up new possibilities for job visualization and candidate engagement.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are leading the AR revolution with customizable AR filters. These tools allow brands to design tailored experiences that align with their brand persona and objectives.

Here’s how plastic companies can incorporate AR into their social media strategy:

  • Design AR filters showcasing various job roles in a real-world setting. Such filters can help candidates visualize their fit in particular roles within the plastics industry, providing a “try-before-you-apply” experience without stepping out of their homes.
  • Utilize AR for virtual office tours or career fairs. This can offer your audience a 360-degree view of your workplace or industry events, making virtual exploration a reality like never before. It’s an engaging way to display your company’s environment and the industry culture.
  • Make interactive recruitment campaigns using AR filters. AR filters can add a layer of fun and interaction to your recruitment campaigns, encouraging potential candidates to participate. Customized AR filters related to a campaign can also spread awareness and create social media trends. It’s an innovative method to actively involve your audience in your recruitment efforts.
  1. Influencer Partnerships

Consider your favorite social media influencers – they’ve likely endorsed a service or job role, haven’t they? That’s influencer marketing at work. It’s successful because influencers maintain a loyal fan base that values their recommendations. So, when they advocate for a job role or a recruitment agency, their followers are more likely to pay attention. It’s similar to being introduced to a new acquaintance through a mutual friend; the trust is already established. For plastics recruitment, collaborating with influencers can effectively increase their reach, break industry misconceptions, and introduce their services to a broader, yet targeted, audience.

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are teeming with influencer marketing opportunities, each harboring its unique style and audience.

Here’s how plastics recruitment can utilize influencer partnerships:

  • Team up with influencers for company reviews. An influencer’s honest opinion of your recruitment processes can act as a convincing endorsement. Because the influencer has already earned their followers’ trust, their reviews can hold more sway than traditional advertisements. It’s an effective way to enhance credibility and demonstrate the value of your company to potential candidates.
  • Collaborate on content creation around job trends or role insights. This can involve creating how-to videos, informational posts, or even IGTV interviews discussing key industry topics. Collaborative content can deliver value to the influencer’s audience, enhance awareness, and highlight your expertise in plastics recruitment.
  • Sponsor an influencer’s webinar or virtual event. This action can generate enthusiasm among the influencer’s followers and increase your company’s visibility. By sponsoring a webinar or virtual event, you also position your company positively, showing your commitment to providing value to potential candidates.
  1. Social Commerce

Picture this: You’re browsing your social media feed, and a post from a renowned plastics company appears. The job role they’ve showcased seems like an ideal match for your skill set, and there’s an “Apply Now” button right on the post. A few clicks later, you’ve submitted your application. That’s social commerce for you – it brings the recruitment process right to potential candidates’ comfort zones. Social commerce integrates the application process into social media platforms, making it easier for candidates to apply without leaving their favorite apps.

Both LinkedIn and Facebook offer comprehensive social commerce features, transforming standard job posts into actionable application opportunities. This makes them ideal for plastics recruitment agencies aiming to streamline the application journey for candidates.

Here’s how plastics recruitment can capitalize on this trend:

  • Establish a virtual career fair on their LinkedIn or Facebook page. It’s like setting up a virtual recruitment booth, where potential candidates can browse through available job roles, inspect job descriptions, and even apply directly. Plus, it gives your agency more exposure as visitors on your page can conveniently explore your offerings.
  • Use actionable posts to directly link job roles to their online application portal. This is especially useful on LinkedIn, where you can tag job roles in your posts. This means candidates will be able to click on the job role and be redirected to the application page on your website. It simplifies the application process, potentially leading to increased applicants.
  • Promote job openings with targeted social media ads. With the vast amount of user data available on social media platforms, you can tailor your ads to a specific audience more likely to be interested in your job roles. This means your ad budget becomes more effective, and the chances of securing ideal candidates significantly improve. Plus, these ads can also include direct links to the job role, making the application process even more convenient for the candidate.

The secret to making the most of these trends is knowing what your business wants to achieve and what your candidates like. Then, match these trends with your recruitment plans. Plastic companies can improve their social media presence by doing so. As social media and candidates preferences keep changing, it’s important for companies to stay ready for new trends.


Social media has opened up new avenues for businesses in the plastic industry to connect with their potential candidates. From video content to live-streaming, social commerce, and beyond, these trends are reshaping the ways the industry communicates and recruits. As we explore these trends and their potential, one thing is clear – the plastic industry needs to stay in tune with these shifts to maximize their social media impact and remain competitive.

Want to further explore the impact of social media trends on plastic recruitment? At Plastic Executive Recruiters, we’re here to help. We understand the industry, we understand its unique challenges, and we understand the power of effective social media strategies. Get in touch with us now, and let’s work together to use these trends and boost your company’s online presence!

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