Wanna motivate your recruiter?

Without key people, it’s pretty much impossible to grow, or at least grow aggressively. The only difference between 2 competitors is the people they employ. You can argue “technology is a difference”, but people develop the technology. Top talent is focused. These...

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Counter the counter-offer

Counter the Counter Offer After a grueling, time consuming process, you finally find your dream candidate, make an offer, negotiate, and get them to accept. Is their current employer going to just "let them go"? In this climate, they are going to almost certainly make...

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Does your opening suck?

I recently asked a client  “Why would someone want to leave their current role and move to your location to work for your company?”   They replied “it’s a job”.  So I asked “What if they are employed?”. When I started asking this question 15 years ago, I didn’t...

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Presets Color