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SALARY:  $155,000 – $169,000


This role is with an industry-leading company with cutting edge molding technology and virtually unmatched product quality. You will not be lacking for resources or technical challenges in this role, which is open because of advancement. The team you will manage is composed of outstanding engineers who don’t need constant supervision, freeing you to work on enabling them to solve interesting, engaging engineering challenges. This company is the employer of choice in their field, and tenures of twenty to thirty years are extremely common among their employees. Candidates open minded to further advancement will command extra interest from the hiring team.

In this role you will be responsible for all equipment, tooling, sustain engineering, capital planning, process engineering, preventative and predictive maintenance and other related activities related to managing dozens of high-end molding machines, downstream accessories, robots, and molds used in the manufacture of extremely high volume, tight tolerance injection molded parts. You will have responsibility for guiding and developing the careers of the leaders, engineers, and technicians who are on your team.

Your primary responsibilities will be sustaining improved rates, decreased scrap, improved uptime, and better quality through the constant uptime and refurbishment of hundreds of millions of dollars of high-end injection molding equipment. You will drive savings through improving the speed in which the products can be made, challenging the status quo, and managing a team of high-performing Engineers (Tooling, Process, Manufacturing, Design) and technicians. This is as major-league a role you’ll find with as strong of a company as exists in this field, and we are looking for someone with the talent to match.

We are looking for an engineering and equipment expert with a very well-rounded technical knowledge of plastics processing in injection molding (required). We need someone who understands processing, tooling, materials, capital equipment, etc… as well as a very strong leader of both on-site and matrix-organized, geographically dispersed, cross-functional engineering teams. This isn’t a babysitting role – all the Engineers, Supervisors, and Technicians on your team are here because they are the best too. Your role will be creating the specifications, dictating the data requirements, and making the decisions guiding their day-to-day activities. We are looking for a strong leader who aspires to continue advancing within the field and company.

There are BIG OPPORTUNITIES here….this is an incredibly key role for this company (who is the undisputed leader in their field!) and you’ll have the attention and ear of the senior leadership of a multi-billion dollar international company that is well-regarded as an industry leader.


  • Manage capital equipment, tooling, and process engineering for dozens of machines making highly engineered, tight-tolerance, high volume injection molded components
  • Manage Process Engineering and Reliability Engineering Teams of state-of-the-art injection molding operation (dozens of top of the line examples of virtually every piece of modern molding equipment)
  • Marshall resources directed at tooling, equipment, and material considerations to improve uptime, throughput, and product quality.
  • Guide and develop team of high performing Plastics engineers and technicians
  • Manage local engineering team as well as international cross-functional project teams
  • Plant expansions, equipment and tooling selection, and manage the implementation and layout during installation.


  • Must be an Injection Molding Subject Matter Expert – especially preferred would be high volume, multi cavity, large part molding
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or similar technical degree
  • Extremely strong knowledge of thermoplastic injection molding, especially RJG and/or Scientific Molding
  • Must understand Tooling, processing, machinery, and materials to the extent that you can specify and improve the processes through changes and improvements in these areas.
  • Must have strong people skills and must like to guide the technical team.
  • Must have a “take-charge” personality to proactively identify areas for improvement as well as lead new product and product enhancements.
  • Strong continuous improvement experience.

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