How to work with us

  • Be patient – Our client companies hire us to find them a very specific person. Their list of requirements usually include specific industry experience, education, and a host of other specific items (CAD programs, continuous improvement methodologies, industry-specific equipment, etc.). Any astute recruiter will respond to any and all contacts for people who fit our openings. We often keep your information on file in a searchable database in case another opening arises that fits your background. We realize how frustrating that passing time can be. What is not obvious to a job seeker is the sheer volume of applicants, phone calls, and resumes that we get on a daily basis which numbers into the hundreds. It sometimes takes a few days to get through all of our inbound resumes. Rest assured, we will contact you if there is a match.
  • Submit your resume on our website – This is the first step towards working with our team at Reliance Recruiting. To ensure confidentiality, please provide contact numbers and an e-mail address where we may contact you. Also, be sure to fill out why you are looking, what geographic areas you will consider, and your pay information. Upon receipt, we will review your resume and evaluate our current list of opportunities to determine if any may be a good fit for you considering your job requirements, skills, and experience. Click here to submit your resume.
  • If you have an interest in a job, apply online – If you see a job posting in which you have an interest in further pursuing, please apply if that is an option for you. Your application will go straight to us. If you cannot apply, please e-mail us and attach your resume. Click here to see job openings.
  • Be Professional – How you work with us is a direct correlation of how you will work with your boss, your colleagues and your vendors. It is a window into who you really are. A good recruiter will always measure this as part of your qualifications and convey his or her impressions to the prospective hiring company.
  • Be honest – Be upfront about the extent of your job-searching efforts and results. Your recruiter has a vested interest in placing you in a career that could potentially change your life. You will gain nothing from being dishonest with your recruiter.
  • Be Forthright – When an interview is completed, you should give the recruiter feedback – good, bad, or indifferent. This is the only way we can facilitate the process. We must talk with you before we get back in touch with the hiring manager. We’ll want to know what was discussed, how the manager left the interview with you, whether you’re still interested in the position, and whether you want to proceed to the next step. If you aren’t interested in proceeding, then let us know why not. This will help us in screening other opportunities for you.
  • Be Committed – Don’t be casual with what you agree or commit to. Your attention to commitment will not go unnoticed. Know what you want, say what you mean, and do what you say. The benefits you will receive from our relationship are directly attributable to the effort and follow through you exhibit in the search process.
  • Be Proactive – Be sure to send your resume. You don’t even have to be looking for a job when you contact us; it is good to have your resume on file. You never know when we might have the ideal job opportunity for you.
  • Be Prepared – Don’t take our word for it! Be prepared for the interview by reading materials and by doing research on the company prior to your first interview. Before you begin your job search, make sure you determine whether or not you can relocate. If you can relocate, please understand all of the implications of all pertinent info: sale of your home, what wages you will require, etc. It makes everyone look bad when you change your mind at the last minute.
  • Develop a relationship with your recruiter – We share in your objective to find the right opportunity for you. Get to know your recruiter and develop a relationship as a friend and personal advisor.

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